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Product Feature: Sugar Free Please

If you're like me, you love the occasional sweet treat. I like to think it's one of the many amazing things I inherited from my grandparents!

Growing up with my English Nana she loved tea time and sweets. We loved to bake. So, naturally when I bake these days with my kids, there's an abundance of sprinkles, chocolate chips and confectioners sugar! 

Turns out, sugar doesn't like me as much as I like it.

Sugar is unfortunately unhealthy and as we grow older, in most cases, sugar is completely cut from our diets.

Not all sugar is bad...right? 

Leafy greens, dairy products & fruits have naturally occurring sugar, but the benefits of eating these foods far outweighs the sugar warnings. High amounts of fibre, essential minerals, antioxidants, protein are all things us humans need! 

That means, we should be cutting down on the "unnecessary" processed sugars. This can be very difficult and down-right impossible for some of us who love dessert after dinner.

Sugar Free Please has figured out a way to ensure we can enjoy all the things we love about sweet treats without the harmful effects of processed sugar!

A family owned-business, Sugar Free Please dedicated themselves to creating sugar-alternative snacks for people determined to follow a sugar-free and low-carb lifestyle.

"It has been most rewarding to help others, even if in a small way like providing snacks and desserts to those who need & want them." 

I'm so excited to enjoy Sugar Free Please with my family and share their amazing line of products with our customers! 

Our Autumn Box features the Coconut Clusters, which is a delicious alternative to your favourite coconut chocolate bar. More so, we selected Sugar Free Please because we know our adult parents and grandparents will enjoy something they know is safe, and of course, thoughtful. 

Why send them something they can’t even eat? Sugar Free Please is an awesome, unique gift that we know you will love! 

Purchase your Autumn Box now for your loved ones. Our goal is to create intentional gifts for grandparents made with love and are thoughtfully curated. 

Have you tired the Coconut Clusters in our recent Autumn box? Let us know in the comments below! 


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