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October: Cyber Security Month

Cyber scams are scary, with real consequences for a lot of Canadians. 

The scariest thing about Cyber Scams, is not the ones you know about, but the ones you don't know about. 

Most people assume "that will never happen to me."

On the contrary, it probably already has happened to you and you've been smart enough to avoid being scammed. 

That's why it's up to Canadians to stay diligent, informed and educate each other on how to avoid being scammed online. 

October is Cyber Security Month

How can I protect myself against a Cyber scam? It starts with a couple of things:

  • Get Cyber Safe! The Canadian government is working to help protect communities. The Get Cyber Safe campaign is focused on driving awareness. The education & tools provided will help prevent cyber scams, especially in our at-risk communities. 

  • Keep Information Private. Make passwords hard to guess. Use paraphrases, and pins when you can. Use multi-factor identification and note passwords in a private diary.
    • What is multi-factor identification? Think of face-id, finger print technology and also using back-up emails and security questions. 
  • Stay Secure. Get online through a private, secure network. Don't use public Wifi, be sure to join the internet when you are home. Also, turn off your Bluetooth when you don't need it and don't connect your Bluetooth with strangers. 

These tips and many, many more can be found online via the Canadian Government website:

Educate yourself and help spread the word to others who you know may be at risk. 

What are some things you've done to protect yourself against online scams? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from our Alder & Owl community. 



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